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Your washer does a lot of work. So, is it shocking that once in a while, it may need a little TLC? If your washer is not working as it should, and you’re in Brentwood, you’re in luck. You have the best washing machine repair team in the state at your disposal.


Some Basic Maintenance Tips

Let’s start by going over some maintenance tips. These are all things that you should do regularly to keep your machine running nicely. Anything beyond these simple maintenance tasks we recommend letting us handle—or you might risk causing expensive damage.


  • Clear the drain filter: Do this once a month, or you risk your machine flooding. It takes two minutes and can save you a lot of hassle later on.
  • Clear the lint filter: Your machine will generally warn you when the lint filter needs to be cleaned. We advise that you do so every second or third wash for best results.
  • Run a hot cycle: Over time, there’s a film that will build up inside the machine, which can lead to not washing as well, or making your clothes smell. Run the machine on a hot cycle with no clothing in it once a month to overcome this issue.

Those won’t take long, but they can add to the lifespan of your machine significantly. When do you call us? In the cases mentioned below:


The Machine Isn’t Switching On

Here you’ll want to check that everything is plugged in properly. If necessary, try a different outlet. If that still doesn’t work, give us a call.


It Won’t Drain Well

Poor drainage could indicate several issues. Check that the drains aren’t clogged and also check the hose that the water drains from. If these aren’t clogged, stop using the machine and call us.

It Won’t Spin

If it’s switching on, but not spinning, check the cycle you’ve chosen. If you’ve put it on soak by accident, resetting it will fix the issue. Another thing to check is whether or not you’ve overloaded the machine.


It’s Leaking

A leak is often an easy fix, so don’t stress about it. Call us, and we’ll get it sorted out fast.


You Get a Shake, Rattle, and Roll


  • That you’ve removed the stabilizer blocks if it’s new
  • That the floor underneath is level
  • That the feet are correctly positioned; most machines have adjustable feet
  • That the load is balanced and not too big

Still not working? Then you know who to call.


It’s Noisy

Some noise is normal. Even whisper-quiet machines will make some sound. If it’s unusual to your machine, though, it could indicate a problem. First off, check that the load is balanced. Next, make sure there’s nothing in the machine, like sneakers or pocket change, that could be banging around in it.

It Doesn’t Complete its Cycle

Something has probably worn out, most likely the timer. Don’t try fixing this problem on your own.

Ready to Get Your Machine Repaired?

You can contact us by phone, email, or through the convenient contact form on our site. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. Why battle with an appliance that’s acting up? Call us—you’ll love our service and our affordable pricing. Why not give us a shot and see for yourself?