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Having an ice machine built into the refrigerator is pretty convenient. You don’t have to worry about buying and storing a massive bag of ice, and there are no more fights about who forgot to fill up the ice trays.

And what summer’s day in sunny Brentwood is complete without a lovely glass of iced tea? It’s a simple feature that can add a lot of value. It’s also one that can cause frustration when it doesn’t work as it should.

But, not to worry. If your ice maker is on the rocks, we’re here to sort it out for you. Ice maker repair is just one thing that our talented team is exceptionally good at. It doesn’t matter what make or model you have – we’ve dealt with all of the common brands.


Should You Call Us?

We’re a friendly bunch, and we love meeting new people. Naturally, though, you don’t want to have to call us in for small issues that you can fix yourself. In this section, we’ll go through some common problems you might encounter, and what you can do about them.


Check the Pause Button

Yes, we’re serious here. You might not have enabled it, but maybe your kid got curious and started pressing buttons. Or perhaps the machine sensed the bin was full and paused itself. Just double-check this before we come in to work our magic.


What is the Thermostat Set At?

You’d think that colder would be better. And generally, you’d be right—except for here. Check what the manufacturer recommends for a setting. If you drop too far below this, the water might freeze before it leaves the filler tube.


The Control Arm Needs to Be Adjusted

Your machine probably has a control arm that moves as the bin fills. When it is full, the position of the arm lets the machine know that it should pause. Empty the bin and check the arm.


Clear the Filter

If the filter or water line becomes clogged, the machine won’t function. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the filter and check the line.


A Broken Valve

Now we’re starting to move into our territory. If cleaning the filter doesn’t work, and you can’t see any clogs in the line, it could be a faulty valve.

Unplug the Machine and Turn Off the Water

This is a way to make sure that the water line hasn’t become frozen. To speed the process up a bit, you can gently heat the line using a low setting on a hairdryer. Just don’t let the hairdryer come into contact with the line or water.

If this is the problem, when you switch the water and power back on, you’ll hear it running. If it doesn’t, or if the water’s an unusual color, call us.


You’re Not Getting as Much Ice as Usual

We can pretty much guarantee that this is a problem with the line clogging or starting to freeze. Try the tips we’ve already mentioned.



Check the following:

  • That the refrigerator is level
  • That the lines are not damaged or being restricted
  • That the fill cup is properly aligned

If all of these look okay, give us a call. While it may not seem like a big deal now, that leak is only going to get worse.


Need Some Help?

You can contact us by phone, or by hitting the contact button on this page. We’re standing by to get your ice machine into top working order again.