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A freezer can be a handy appliance. It’s a relatively simple machine that seems to keep on going forever. At some point, however, something’s going to give out. When that happens, you need the top Brentwood freezer repair specialists to get it back on track—and fast.

While it’s tempting to try and fix it yourself, it’s not a good idea. And yes, the device is fairly simple, but there are a lot of interlocking parts. Accidentally damaging one of them could mean expensive repairs in your future.

Here are just a few common signs that your freezer may be on the fritz:

The Freezer Sounds Possessed

If you’re thinking about calling in the Ghost Busters because of the noises your freezer is making, it’s time to get us in to take a look. The noises that we’re talking about here are not the standard swishing, sizzling, or humming sounds, but rather something obviously out of the ordinary. Knocking and banging is not normal and could indicate a problem with the evaporator coil.


Frost is Building Up

This buildup could be a result of the temperature being set too low. Your first option is to make sure that it is set no lower than 0°F. If that doesn’t solve the problem, look at where the frost is forming. If it’s around the door, it might mean that it isn’t closing or sealing correctly. It could also indicate that the gaskets need to be replaced, or that the defroster heater is faulty. If the frost is only on the back wall, then it probably has something to do with the defrost cycle.


The Freezer is Leaking

How much water is leaking out will tell you whether it’s something to be concerned with or not. A little bit of water could be an ice cube that someone dropped. A bit more water could mean that the drain is blocked.

If there’s a lot of water, it could mean a leaking valve or water line. It could also be a problem with too much condensation in the pan.

It’s Not Working at All

If the power light is on, but it’s not working, keep it closed and give us a call. If there’s no power light on, start by checking the outlet that it’s plugged into. Is it plugged in properly? Is the outlet on? Does it work if plugged into a different outlet?

If none of these tips make a difference, keep it closed and call us. The controls may need to be replaced.


It’s Not Cold Enough

Start by adjusting the temperature—it should be set at 0°F. If it’s higher than that, turning the temperature down is an easy fix. Another thing to check is how much food is in the freezer. Packing the freezer to the gills is just as bad as an empty one.

Ideally, the freezer should be between 70% and 85% full. This allows enough space for the air to circulate and also helps to hold the cold air in. Also, make sure that it’s packed evenly, and avoid covering blocking the vents.

It’s also essential to ensure that the freezer is placed in the right spot. Ideally, the environment should be at a temperature between 55°F and 110°F. If the area is too hot or too cold, the freezer will battle to keep to the right temperature.

If these tips don’t help, it could be a problem with the thermostat.

Give Us a Call

If you’d prefer not to play the guessing game when it comes to your freezer, give us a call. We’ll send one of our techs out to sort out the issue for you at an affordable rate.